Configuration management (rant #1)

I’ve been on a lookout for a good configuration management solution (technique, tool, ANYTHING!) for quite a while. However most of them have been geared towards managing fleets of identical machines, while in my case each machine is fairly unique. Here are the tools I’ve seen so far:

I’ve tried to integrate some config management into CPacMan for a while now with variable success. I think mainly because I was trying to peg old practices into a new paradigm…

I came across the great post and that got me thinking… One should be able to manage configs by simply using… Git 🙂 Setup is fairly simple:

  • each host has it’s own Git repository of /etc (and all the other locations??)
  • centralized version of configs should be branched from each host
  • based on above operating git with pull/push and adding some clever hooks it should be possible to maintain config files asynchronously in 2 places periodically re-syncing centralized versions…

Maybe it should be SVN though, as cetralized version can’t be anything else but branches of remote ones… hmm…



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