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Proper CWM flashing with fastboot

I got bitten more than once with device rooting recently with My Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10. The latter made me think that something is amiss and my recovery mode was botched. So I went looking just to stumble upon: fastboot erase recovery fastboot erase system -w fastboot erase boot

Android, adb and “no permission”

I’ve got tired of seeing: $ adb devicesList of devices attached ???????????? no permissions So I had to dig a bit. Combining StackOverflow article and official docs I arrived at somewhat simple solution that avoids overly enthusiastic suggestion of making device “anybody-writable” and made things “just right” for myself (fixing old-school Udev rules sytax along the

Jelly Bean, multiuser and lost security patterns

Finally got my N7 setup with multiuser goodness from JB. However my son in attack of curiosity locked himself out with security pattern. Well… I didn’t 😉 Thanks to always helpful XDA: [GUIDE][HOW-TO]Crack android pattern lock! solution was really quite simple: # find / -name gesture.key # mv /data/system/users/11/gesture.key /data/system/users/11/gesture.key.bak