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Headphones, what could be simpler?

Intrigued by Ten… noise-cancelling headphones I spent all of last night combing through the internet looking for the headphones for our family. Lots of things surprised me, like open vs closed design etc. Now that I am (marginally) smarter here are the choices that seem to fit the bill (and knock you dead with the

Fedora 16 LXDE Xorg keyboard layout switching

I was trying to set up a laptop with Fedora 16 & LXDE to have alternative layouts and it turned out LXDE was pretty spartan when it comes to such things. So back to Xorg setup. On-the-fly change: $ setxkbmap -option ” -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle ‘us,ru(phonetic) and a bit more permanent solution is (obviously) in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

Fedora MD RAID check WTF

Today, out of the blue my box decided to do the RAID check on my MD devices. I can’t remember seeing it before while I was running Gentoo, but now with Fedora things feel somewhat different. Fedora does automate quite a few things out of the box – the things I have omitted in my

My saga of exodus to Fedora

After successfully installing Fedora Core 15 on my home box I am moving all my stuff from Gentoo to Fedora. I’m still questioning my move, but lately I have less and less time to dedicate to proper maintenance of Gentoo, not to mention that at work I run RedHat servers so I’m much more familiar

Customizing Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100) under Linux (pt. 2)

After some time with LiteningROM I did notice that my idle (stand-by) battery use decreased (good thing) – allowing me to get 2d of moderate use out of the phone. However I did notice that LiteningROM was memory hungry and it also looked like any interactivity caused immense power drain in the system. Today I

Fedora Core 15 install (I hate LiveCD’s)

I’ve been using Fedora on my workstation at the office for quite a while and was pretty happy with it but when it came to install on home machine I was never able to complete setup for one reason or another. What really surprised me is how flaky LiveCD’s were when it comes to my

SpeakOut, Rogers and my beautiful SGS2

Looks like Data usage on SpeakOut may be an issue (or may be not..). I started gathering some info on configuring appropriate APN. Picked up some wisdom from howardforums : Name: Rogers APN: Proxy: <not set> Port: <not set> Username: wapuser1 Password: wap Server: <not set> MMSC: <not set> MMS proxy: <not set> MMS

Wireless shenanigans with android (on SGS2)

While I was busy beating the dust out of my new SGS2 and tinkering with ROM’s, I came across quite a few “hidden features” that were not known to me. *#*#4636#*#* above will give you “test mode” in which you can run things like “ping test” etc. Nice for testing your data connection without actually

Customizing Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100) under Linux

I’ve got SGS2 and it’s damn cool. But that’s not enough. I really have to pimp it up/down to arrive at a device that I can call mine. Looks like Cyanogen mod that claims to be fully open source will be my goal. So this is where I’m going to keep track of my progress