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These settings are used by Wikity to determine privacy (openness) and publishing schedule. Please note that putting “Open” to “No” is an experimental feature, providing “good enough” privacy but not great privacy. —-Settings—- OPEN: Yes RSS DELAY: 5 days

Help:: Getting Started / Day One

Most people find that using Wikity to bookmark is a good place to start. The following video shows how you can bookmark with Wikity. Note that in the video the bookmark says ‘Bkmrk’ but in recent versions says ‘Wik-it’. The editor has also been upgraded

Asymmetrical warfare and IT

Asymmetrical warfare in IT has many facets, many dimensions. On one plane it is a fight of a startup against established monopoly (duck-duck-go vs google, opensource vs proprietary, etc), on the other – fighting IT department dogmas. Given the state of virtual monopoly in multiple areas of IT: Google, Microsoft, Apple it is very difficult