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Politics on a plate

I come from the country where people talked about politics only in their kitchens and it seems like politics is firmly planted in everybody’s kitchen. Our food had stopped being about nutrition and health long time ago. Ever since tribes started waging war on each other strength was defined in numbers (classical quantity-vs-quality dilemma). Tribe

The cloudy signs

Watching “I, Robot” today helped in identifying the source of my dislike to “clouds” and other techno-fashions of the day. Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and numerous others have been writing about the same things over and over yet it does seem to fall mostly on dead ears: don’t place everything in technology,  don’t get blinded

Darth Vader and seven dwarfs

Watching Christmas Special episode from Doctor Who (Voyage of the damned) was the cheesiest endeavor I have ever been on… Along with news of Disney acquiring Lucas Film and pledging annual new episodes of Star Wars I feel like I have consumed fromage overdose. The only civilized and intelligent response to all that cheese streaming