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Sun Tzu “The art of war” Subtle! Subtle! To the point of formlessness. Spiritlike! Spiritlike! To the point of sounlessness. Thus o.e can be enemie’s fate star.

Open sources

I am biased. You should know it by now. You should also know who influences my biases. The sources of my biases start with my parents who taught me to be responsible and independant. My mom’s care for us, her lifestyle rubbed off on me one way or another. My dad’s persistence and dedication to

Software industry, disaster capitalism and… wait… Microsoft!

I’m not sure whether anybody is paying attention, but it looks like lately there is a ton of mounting evidence that Naomi Klein’s “disaster capitalism” is in fact the new base standard for any form of capitalism. Let’s examine some evidence. Let’s see what Slavoj Zyzek says on this account: …we are now entering a

Y'all Seen Dexter's Laboratory?

Long time ago, when western culture started pouring into Eastern Europe I enjoyed watching Cartoon Channel and one of the shows in particular – Dexter’s Laboratory. Something about this show tickled my geek side in a right way. Then TV died, then we moved to another country, then… I lost track of it. A couple