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Alberta, Politics & DevOPS Pt. 1

DevOps principles for politics

Currently population can easily be divided into top 1%, bottom 99% and politicians. In DevOps we tear down the walls and break the silos. So we need to break the political silo with some rather radical (DevOps) methods. What good is a devops practitioner if he/she is not participating in daily maintenance and building systems that would cause less grief long term. In politics however we have political class doing one thing only – politics and disconnected from the actual people they represent (the longer they are in the office – the more disconnected they are with very rare exceptions). So what if we were to enforce the “right” behavior by allowing only a single term for politician with mandatory “cool-off” next term where they go back to their original job (teacher, doctor, etc.). And allow them to run next term after that. That also implies electing people who are actually representative of demographics and not parachuted by the party into the district.

So what would we achieve by doing that? Politician that represents people would have better idea what ails his constituency, be less inclined to side with 1% (remember – he goes back to his old job after his term so he needs to make his own life better and by proxy others’). Which is very much akin to OpenSource approach – “scratch your itch” (and help somebody)

Alberta unemployment myth pt. 2

Part one contains all necessary data for the further polemics.

So why is Alberta government keeps on giving away taxpayer’s money to oil companies with “no strings attached”? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to demand some return on that investment, like protected jobs during oil prices being down? Why should corporate tax be lower than personal? Is it not enough big companies feel no incentive to keep people employed in downturns of economy yet we should deplete government coffers from the social security money as well by not taxing corporations?

This province is being strapped to the oil barrel by each successive conservative government making it impossible to implement anything close to stable economy while oil prices fluctuate.