Back online

Took me a while, but I’m back online… pihua is dead and now I’m trying the new concept. This time I won’t make the same mistake and will backup my database 😉

This time it’s an experiment in ego-measuring contest with no rules. This time it’s all about me, my narcissistic self and all I care about. Good portion of Internet population is already indulging in self-promotion and streaming their thought onto unsuspecting public, so why should I sit idle? We should either overload this media with sufficient levels of noise or bring the level of average blog to a sufficiently high level to discourage any participation from folks who have nothing to say.

I do have something to say. I have a lot to say. Not sure if anybody cares to listen. I’ll make it my diary to confide in, my stick to beat all the issues that bother me, my empty stage for yelling out loud when nobody listens. I will be here even if nobody comes.

Get ready – it’s going to be rough, unedited, plenty mixed up and #$cked up too.

One thought on “Back online”

  1. Chock it up to lessons learned. We always hope for the best or think you will backup next time.

    Sometimes we don’t heed our very own rules. After the initial shock and dismay of losing precious data we are sometimes faced with a sense or feeling of liberation “oh shit!” “oh well, start over. A clean slate”, “i’m going to do it right this time”. I’m proud of you that you didn’t succumb to the fear mongers out there and backup your data, good for you. Maybe take some of that inherent OCD you have and back that shit up!

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