So, CM7 it is! (My “almost” pure OSS android)

After some struggling and readjustment I have finally embraced CM7 as my main OS giving up on Edge* games (too fast :-S). I have found quite a few replacements for missing apps, camera is fully functional, and my phone is filled with OSS goodness from OS up thanks to Cyanogen and FDroid crowds.

  • I have started off with Unofficial Nightlies
  • Then I built my own
  • Then I’ve added user apps:
    • Added Alarm Klock as my alarm clock
      • Downloaded alarm-specific music instead of default rings
    • “Stopwatch” + “StopWatch & Timer”
    • Vanilla Music
    • Zirco browser

For now it’s nightlies for me until final 7.2 comes out.

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