Customizing Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100) under Linux (pt. 2)

After some time with LiteningROM I did notice that my idle (stand-by) battery use decreased (good thing) – allowing me to get 2d of moderate use out of the phone. However I did notice that LiteningROM was memory hungry and it also looked like any interactivity caused immense power drain in the system.

Today I re-flashed with new Cognition 1.0.8

First observation: memory footprint does seem to be smaller (I couldn’t get “used RAM” under 400M with LiteningROM and with new CognitionROM I get into sub-300M zone. nice)

Now, I wait and see whether power consumption goes down to the levels of LiteningROM or below and then decide which one I’m going to stick with until CyanogenROM produces stable image for SGS2.

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