Eclipse, EGit, GitHub and headaches…

I have been using Eclipse as my Python Development Environment ever since KDevelop folks decided to abandon Python platform (which is a pitty – I liked KDevelop featureset better than PyDev in Eclipse). Anyway I’ve got multiple projects on-the-go and going through the hassle of setting up SourceForge accounts for them is not something I look forward to (especially that those are small projects). So I decided to take the plunge and explore GitHub.

Now creating the account on GitHub was fairly straight-forward and I also created/imported my SSH key along the way. However making Eclipse to talk to it was one heck of a hassle. I started off following Lars Vogel’s tutorial (really you need to read all of it including GitHub section) however I couldn’t “push” back my changes to GitHub getting “Authentication error” messages. That wasn’t what I have expected so I read through GitHub tutorial, did the “manual” set up of git repo from command line (successfully), yet after removing and re-adding project to Eclipse from scratch yielded no positive results. That’s when I got to EGit Wiki and realized that since I’ve got “custom” key created for the development purposes I have to add it to the list of keys Eclipse is aware of. So, under “Window” > “Preferences” > “General” > “Network Connections” > “SSH2” I have added my key and… oh miracle! I’ve got the prompt for my password. From that point on it looks like GitHub is functioning for me, now I have to figure out how to properly use Git 🙂

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