Fedora 16 LXDE Xorg keyboard layout switching

I was trying to set up a laptop with Fedora 16 & LXDE to have alternative layouts and it turned out LXDE was pretty spartan when it comes to such things. So back to Xorg setup. On-the-fly change:

$ setxkbmap -option ” -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle ‘us,ru(phonetic)

and a bit more permanent solution is (obviously) in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard :


With addition of LXDE applet via

“Right click on the panel → select Add / Remove Panel Items → Add → select Keyboard Layout Switcher and click Add

use the Up and Down buttons to move the plugin to the desired position.

You can now switch layouts by using the keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the xkb plugin”


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