Headphones, what could be simpler?

Intrigued by Ten… noise-cancelling headphones I spent all of last night combing through the internet looking for the headphones for our family. Lots of things surprised me, like open vs closed design etc. Now that I am (marginally) smarter here are the choices that seem to fit the bill (and knock you dead with the price tag):

  • AUDIO-Technica ATH-M50
    • cheap
  • Sennheiser PXC 450
    • lots of control and function
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 15
    • very Apple-oriented and won’t function without noise cancelation. Cheaper than PXC 450

Looks like noise-canceling properties is something really personal as I read two independent pilot accounts about **the same** phones claiming opposite results (ultra quiet vs utterly useless). Also audio qualities are contested for every single model. Noise cancelation comes in two forms – low pitch is handled by all sort of doo-dads while high pitch is handled by… snug fit.

Out of non-cacleling crowd sounds (nice punt, eh?) like those brands deserve closer inspection:

  • Monster Beats by Dr. Dre
  • Denon
  • AKG
  • Shure SRH-940

Some brands fell off on “sturdy” factor – if those are going to be used by kid – they better not be flimsy.

Some interesting resources are:


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