With the overabundance of information on #OCW movement one can’t help but think of it on a daily basis. People are fighting economic inequalities produced by current political/economic system.

While still composing black list of current government’s deeds this idea crystallized:

Society s not a function of economy, but rather economy is a function of society

With that idea things start fall into place. No matter how Chicago school economists are trying to present that economy comes first and everything should depend on it (thus it needs to be “pure” and “free”) and society has to arrange itself around that “free economy”. However society came first economic relationships came second. We first organized ourselves into the packs only after came economy with exchange of the goods etc. Economics was invented by us while society has made us who we are. It is natural thing then that economy should follow our social desires, and not the other way around.

So why does society in general and communities in particular have to bow to the power of “Free Economy” and set aside social responsibilities, ethics and the sense of community? Well they don’t. #OCW is all about that. Finally people who see through spoke up.

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