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I am biased. You should know it by now. You should also know who influences my biases. The sources of my biases start with my parents who taught me to be responsible and independant. My mom’s care for us, her lifestyle rubbed off on me one way or another. My dad’s persistence and dedication to principles and his words: “invest your time and money in people first of all” are the things that guided my decisions. And then I grew up. Didn’t change my attitude but I have sharpened it’s edges with works of Machiavelli, Sun Tsu, Naomi Klein, Neitzche, Richard Stallman, Slavoj Zizek and multitude of other people. Now I know where I stand (well, at least today I do) and what I stand for. I have learned to aim high to shoot farther, lose form to fight chaos and uncertainty, see bigger picture hiding behind small events, understand the philosophy that propels corporations, and to stand alone.

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