Rooting Nexus 7 under linux (F16)

Quick notes on rooting Nexus 7 (I’ll make a real guide out of it later):

  • Had to update Android SDK to have API v15 (not sure how relevant this is, now that I know what needs to be done)
  • I followed XDA-Developers, turns out fastboot is a separate tool that I fetched from Cyanogen folk which really pointed to some obscure archive.
  • Fastboot needs to be ran as root (not a “normal user”)
  • I also ran into “adb: no permissions” issue nicely covered in which works just as good on F16. In summary – you need updated UDEV rules for android devices… except now my Android devices are available to any user to tinker with… gotta fix that later…
  • I ended up using CWM 6.0.06 ( ). Don’t forget to unzip image before feeding it to fastboot.


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