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Digital Camera Resolution

Found myself resizing pictures recently, and guessing dimensions didn’t seem like fun. This article did help with that aspect: Now I’ve got photos downsized to 5mp: $ convert foo.jpg -resize 2560×1920 foo_new.jpg

Boostraping FreeBSD pkgng non-interactively

Building ansible playbooks for freebsd setup I came to a roadblock – pkgng demands to be bootstrapped interactively. However looking at it’s source code I’ve found the backdoor: ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES=yes pkg bootstrap -f and I’ve got things rolling. Overall “ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES” seems to go further then some “-y” switches.

FreeBSD: Operation not permitted WTF

While setting up my FreeBSD box – I oopsed a bit and pointed make build world to wrong directory. While trying to clean up I did: # rm -rf /mnt/foo.oops and all I got is a bunch of Operation not permitted for certain files. I did some digging and found that # chflags -R noschg

Proper CWM flashing with fastboot

I got bitten more than once with device rooting recently with My Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10. The latter made me think that something is amiss and my recovery mode was botched. So I went looking just to stumble upon: fastboot erase recovery fastboot erase system -w fastboot erase boot

UniFi AP setup

I have decided to try out UniFi AP for my home WiFi setup and either because of my “consumer-grade” switch etc. or some other reason I just couldn’t get it recognized on my “Controller” … so I had to look. Winning combination was: write down MAC of UniFi AP on my DHCP server track down

Augeas for configuration modification

I’m playing a lot with Ansible those days and one of the topics that does come up all the time is how do I set certain values in config files that are not plain-text or .ini style? Special mention goes to Apache configs that are neither plain-text nor XML (ugh) and tomcat (well at least

Recovering filesystems within qcow2

After recent crash of my laptop (hardware died) my QCOW2 images suffered minor damage and for the heck I couldn’t convince Fedora VM to auto-fsck itself so I had to go all manual after N-th prompt from dracut shell about problems starting up. Turns out it’s not so complicated to get to the guts of