Category: Penguinarium


Just finished first draft for the tool I needed for a longer time: PF does great job collecting data, it’s a shame harvesting it is always a hussle. Not anymore. Output is all Json for easy downstream consumption.

Fedora & AWS

Playing with Fedora on AWS I ended up needing HVM image yet all available images were Paravirt so I needed to “create” HVM image. Thanks to helpful advise from ServerFault it turned out to be relatively simple (however I can’t say it was straightforward) using web console: using PV image create EBS-backed instance instanceA adjust

Boostraping FreeBSD pkgng non-interactively

Building ansible playbooks for freebsd setup I came to a roadblock – pkgng demands to be bootstrapped interactively. However looking at it’s source code I’ve found the backdoor: ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES=yes pkg bootstrap -f and I’ve got things rolling. Overall “ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES” seems to go further then some “-y” switches.

FreeBSD: Operation not permitted WTF

While setting up my FreeBSD box – I oopsed a bit and pointed make build world to wrong directory. While trying to clean up I did: # rm -rf /mnt/foo.oops and all I got is a bunch of Operation not permitted for certain files. I did some digging and found that # chflags -R noschg

UniFi AP setup

I have decided to try out UniFi AP for my home WiFi setup and either because of my “consumer-grade” switch etc. or some other reason I just couldn’t get it recognized on my “Controller” … so I had to look. Winning combination was: write down MAC of UniFi AP on my DHCP server track down

Augeas for configuration modification

I’m playing a lot with Ansible those days and one of the topics that does come up all the time is how do I set certain values in config files that are not plain-text or .ini style? Special mention goes to Apache configs that are neither plain-text nor XML (ugh) and tomcat (well at least