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Recovering filesystems within qcow2

After recent crash of my laptop (hardware died) my QCOW2 images suffered minor damage and for the heck I couldn’t convince Fedora VM to auto-fsck itself so I had to go all manual after N-th prompt from dracut shell about problems starting up. Turns out it’s not so complicated to get to the guts of

Using libvirt hooks and qcow2 for safety net on laptop

I’ve been using my laptop for development for a while now (Fedora, of course, and we’re at 19 now), but the trouble is – several times without paying much attetention I let battery run dry on it while VMs are running. In KDE it would normally result in automatic graceful shutdown, under LXDE however all

Thecus modules

Looking for a Git server module for Thecus I have discovered a sizeable collection of “other” modules:

Android, adb and “no permission”

I’ve got tired of seeing: $ adb devicesList of devices attached ???????????? no permissions So I had to dig a bit. Combining StackOverflow article¬†and official docs I arrived at somewhat simple solution that avoids overly enthusiastic suggestion of making device “anybody-writable” and made things “just right” for myself (fixing old-school Udev rules sytax along the

Firefox + TabMixPlus and the case of lost session

Firefox 20 came with a handy feature of having parallel “private” windows a-la Chrome. Hurray. Now while playing with it I ended up with 2 Firefox windows and while closing them I did something out of sequence and lost my “last session” saved by TabMixPlus. While there was no definitive information on how to restore

Linux and MBR

Today while installing another RedHat box via KickStart ended up with KickStart flaw which installed MBR onto my USB installation disk. While the rest of the data remained intact I did want to get rid of the unwanted passenger on my USB disk. Solution turned out to be simple: # dd if=/dev/sdX of=/tmp/mbr count=1 bs=512

64bit Fedora + NVidia + Wine + 3D Games = WTF

I’ve been running Fedora for a while now with NVidia drivers packaged by rpmfusion folks. However only recently my Wine games quit working. Note: it’s a 64bit box and if I were running 32bit box probably wouldn’t have been a problem as it turns out, but all in it’s own time… First I though my

Jelly Bean, multiuser and lost security patterns

Finally got my N7 setup with multiuser goodness from JB. However my son in attack of curiosity locked himself out with security pattern. Well… I didn’t ūüėČ Thanks to always helpful XDA: [GUIDE][HOW-TO]Crack android pattern lock! solution was really quite simple: # find / -name gesture.key # mv /data/system/users/11/gesture.key /data/system/users/11/gesture.key.bak

bash color goodness (yes, I do miss Gentoo’s colorful CLI)

I keep on repeating the same setup over and over and every time I have to go and look. # Black            \e[0;30m # Blue             \e[0;34m # Green            \e[0;32m # Cyan             \e[0;36m # Red              \e[0;31m # Purple           \e[0;35m # Brown            \e[0;33m # Gray             \e[0;37m # Dark Gray        \e[1;30m # Light Blue       \e[1;34m # Light Green      \e[1;32m