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Darth Vader and seven dwarfs

Watching Christmas Special episode from Doctor Who (Voyage of the damned) was the cheesiest endeavor I have ever been on… Along with news of Disney acquiring Lucas Film and pledging annual new episodes of Star Wars I feel like I have consumed fromage overdose. The only civilized and intelligent response to all that cheese streaming from the screens is eloquently put by E. Cartman of South Park: “What the f@ck dude?! What the f@ck???”

And after reading observations of others I feel like dropping the rest of that show to avoid clogging my veins even more with all that fat.

Now, given the fact that Humans are getting stupider by the minute above trend is hardly a surprise.

Buy American… Canadian take

Just realized today how much “buy American” actually implies for people living in Canada. If you think about it – it is actually a honourable campaign to support (and there’s no alternative “buy Canadian”). Indirectly you support opposition to outsourcing. Considering that labour laws in North America are half-decent you are also making sure workers who produced whatever you buy have been treated fairly which in my opinion is better than “Fair Trade” label that says very little about the actual treatment of workers. Now – lets not get fooled by above and avoid thinking that it means workers are treated with respect all of sudden (Wal-Mart and McDonalds workers would be one example…). However it is still times and times better treatment than workers in “economic growth zones” of Indonesia, India, China and other countries receive.

I guess it could be extended into “buy local products” which was kind of my mantra for some time now. From ecological point of view “buy American” or “buy local” means less transportation overhead of raw materials and the end product.