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Eclipse, EGit, GitHub and headaches…

I have been using Eclipse as my Python Development Environment ever since KDevelop folks decided to abandon Python platform (which is a pitty – I liked KDevelop featureset better than PyDev in Eclipse). Anyway I’ve got multiple projects on-the-go and going through the hassle of setting up SourceForge accounts for them is not something I

Fedora 16 LXDE Xorg keyboard layout switching

I was trying to set up a laptop with Fedora 16 & LXDE to have alternative layouts and it turned out LXDE was pretty spartan when it comes to such things. So back to Xorg setup. On-the-fly change: $ setxkbmap -option ” -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle ‘us,ru(phonetic) and a bit more permanent solution is (obviously) in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

Fight cloud with cloud (#OccupyCloud ?)

With the advance of clouds and aggressive invasion of “social services” like Facebook, MySpace, Google* etc. it looks like there is no space left for person’s private data (Naomi Klein’s “No Space” comes to mind). As soon as information is fed to Facebook, Google or other entity it stops being the property of that person

DRM and what does it really mean to you

http://www.michaelgeist.ca/ http://www.groklaw.net/ http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/drm.html http://www.defectivebydesign.org/ taking French course at Athabasca University and having to deal with “online-only” materials, hard-to-rip discs. Now take a look at prices too. reading books on eBook with Adobe digital editions

Porn again

With the onslaught of internet opinions/articles/news sources it gets harder to distinguish those genuine and unbiased or technically accurate from those that are not. Considering that Internet is nothing else but an “enormous international database of naked bottoms.“ (as per Steve from Coupling) I felt like following Jeff’s from that very same episode: Jeff: Well,

Patents and why I hate them

http://arstechnica.com/old/content/2008/07/book-review-7-08.ars http://blogs.forbes.com/timothylee/2011/07/07/microsofts-android-shakedown/   http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/08/17/golsing_on_sun_goofy_patent_contestas/

Do no evil, see no evil, hear no evil

There was a lot of co incidents lately: me reading Slavoj Žižek, BBC quoting Marx, Adbusters quoting Marx statistics on crazy people percentile in a capitalist society going up over time and confirmed by WHO. following Slashdot’s article (http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/09/05/1230224/Googles-Real-Name-Policy-Why-You-Are-the-Product) and reading through FreeSoftwareMagazine (http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/columns/googles_real_name_policy_or_why_you_are_product ) which really comes as no surprise after “Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition

Fedora MD RAID check WTF

Today, out of the blue my box decided to do the RAID check on my MD devices. I can’t remember seeing it before while I was running Gentoo, but now with Fedora things feel somewhat different. Fedora does automate quite a few things out of the box – the things I have omitted in my

My saga of exodus to Fedora

After successfully installing Fedora Core 15 on my home box I am moving all my stuff from Gentoo to Fedora. I’m still questioning my move, but lately I have less and less time to dedicate to proper maintenance of Gentoo, not to mention that at work I run RedHat servers so I’m much more familiar