Working towards using CM7/CM9 on SGS2

Considering my last mis-adventure with CM7 I figured it’s time to take proactive steps. Either take an app that has “close” functionality and tweak it, or just get used to it.

What I’m going to do is pile some resources to use as a launchpad… here we go:


Got a bootloop today trying out GingerMod ugh…Flashed 0.8 fine… found that things were missing largely (it’s even more spartan then CM7 IMO), bumped to 0.8.5 – and kaboom! Thank $DIETY for CWM (DIETY=chainfire?)! Restored back without having to resort to “[READ THIS] Got a Boot Loop? Don’t post a New Thread!

CM7 is still a no-go due to massive deficiencies in the categories I do care about (Camera being one of them). I really want to get CM7 to work though…


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